Fall Harvest Blessings Wreath


Introducing our “Harvest Blessings” Fall Wreath – A Whimsical Tapestry of Autumn Delight!

Elevate your autumn decor to a new level of rustic elegance with our captivating “Harvest Blessings” Fall Wreath. A true embodiment of the season’s warmth and charm, this wreath is a delightful fusion of creativity and heartfelt blessings that will grace your home with a touch of seasonal magic.



🍂 Farm Truck of Abundance: At the heart of this enchanting wreath lies a beautifully crafted sign in the shape of a farm truck, brimming with an abundant harvest of colorful pumpkins. The sign proudly bears the words “Harvest Blessings,” sentiment. t🍂 Rich Autumnal Hues: The deco mesh base of the wreath boasts a harmonious blend of colors, featuring a light brown backdrop adorned with stripes of deep, earthy dark brown and a touch of shimmering metallic rust. These tones evoke the cozy feeling of hayrides through pumpkin patches and crisp autumn walks.

🍂 Exquisite Ribbon Selection: The ribbon accents on this wreath are a true testament to its intricate design. The dark brown ribbon tails, adorned with chic cheetah print, add a touch of playful sophistication. The alternating stripes of bright orange and deep orange ribbons echo the vivid shades of falling leaves, creating a sense of vibrant energy. A plaid ribbon of metallic rust, tan, and beige brings a rustic elegance that pairs perfectly with the season. And to tie it all together, a solid dark brown ribbon adds a classic touch.

🍂 A Timeless Symbol: This wreath not only adorns your door or wall, but it also serves as a timeless symbol of the bountiful blessings and warmth that autumn brings. It’s a visual reminder to appreciate the small moments and the joys of gathering with loved ones during the harvest season.

Whether you’re welcoming guests to your home or simply reveling in the autumn ambiance yourself, our “Harvest Blessings” Fall Wreath is the perfect addition to your seasonal decor. It’s more than just a wreath – it’s a celebration of life’s simple pleasures and the beauty of nature’s transformation.

Embrace the spirit of the season and adorn your space with this masterpiece of fall craftsmanship. Order your “Harvest Blessings” Fall Wreath today and invite the enchantment of autumn into your home.

  • Autumn Fall front door wreath
  • Fall porch wreath
  • Harvest Blessings deco mesh wreath, the perfect fall wreath to hang on your front door.
  • This is a large wreath and measures 24″ x 24″ x 7″.
  •  It will not fit between a screen/storm door and inside door.
    • This seasonal wreath will welcome your guests with a smile
    • Beautiful wreath for home decor
    • Will make a wonderful  hostess gift, house warming gift
    • Front porch wreath
    • All our wreaths are shipped in large boxes to keep them from being damaged. However it will probably need some fluffing once it reaches its destination. Just fluff out and straighten the ribbons if needed.
    • All our wreaths are for inside the home or front door/porch with an overhang to keep it from getting wet. Direct sun exposure might fade the colors over time.